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Types of Loans

With the economic environment Australians are facing in the modern day, a reliable finance broker is important to help you keep on your feet and moving forward, whether that is for a home loan, a personal loan, or a business loan. At fit finance we offer types of loans to cover whatever finance you require, and these loan types are tailored to your specific and unique needs.

With the experience and industry connections we have, we offer premium loan types brought to you by a specialist broker who will be your companion throughout your whole finance journey from start to finish. Reach out today to see how the team at Fit Finance can help you.

Home Finance

With a range of home loans and information available, we are able to assist you with every aspect of your home loan, from your first house to your 30th, and refinancing any loans which are out of date.

We help with:

Commercial Finance

At Fit Finance we pride ourselves on the industry connections and knowledge we have gathered throughout our years of operation. This connection to the commercial space has allowed us to provide quality finance to all types of business no matter what industry you are in. Types of commercial finance we offer:

Equipment Finance

All businesses need equipment to operate, whether that is a car for meetings, or a crane for construction. The team at Fit Finance are ready to assist you in whatever equipment finance you might need, including:

Truck and Trailer Finance
Vehicle Finance
Plant and Equipment Finance

Types of Loans & Approvals Made Easy

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